Hey girl, it's time for some real talk...

Despite having a ton to be proud of, deep down inside you know you're NOT where you want to be in life right now.
You've been waiting.
Waiting to lose the weight before you dress better.  Waiting to save the money before you start your business.  Waiting to decorate until you buy your dream house.  
Are you tired of waiting?
Stop waiting! Join It Girl Society for $197/mo

Close your eyes for a second and imagine how good it would feel to:

👉🏽Easily slip into your favorite pair of jeans - a few sizes smaller

👉🏽Open your front door and smile...as you step into a beautiful entryway and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror

👉🏽Own the room at a networking event because you feel so good in your body and love what you’re wearing

👉🏽Constantly hear, “you’re glowing, you look happy, what’s your secret?”

👉🏽Wake up excited because you've booked your first client and you're doing what you love.

Join It Girl Society & Lock in Your Rate of $197 per month!

But life didn't always look like this for me...

Despite achieving many impressive things, like being featured on television and in magazines for my design work, I secretly felt invisible, unworthy and not good enough.  And it showed.  🤦🏽‍♀️


I was overweight 😢deep down always feeling a sense of sadness about it

I was too independent 😢- wishing people would say “don’t worry, I got you” but instead hearing “you’ll be fine, you can figure it out, I don’t know what to tell you”

I was overworked 😢- providing a ton of value but too scared to charge enough

I led with accomplishments 😢- trying to prove my worth to others

I was a performer 😢- making others laugh to hide my discomfort with vulnerability

I was obsessed with perfection 😢investing weeks of work into an idea and then completely abandoning it

I was afraid to fail 😢- never fully committing to one idea and quitting when I got scared

I ignored my image & personal style 😢 - refusing to weigh myself and wearing clothes just because they fit


The result?

I was smart, funny, capable and with some awesome successes on the outside, but inside I felt like what I wanted was always just out of reach.

⚠️ Hard Truth Alert! ⚠️

My look didn't match my skills.

Whether right or wrong, people judge you within the first 5 seconds.  How you choose to show up tells people who you are and what you're capable of.

I wasn't projecting or living up to my full potential.

Does any of this sound familiar?


😢I’m turning 30/40/50 years old and I thought I'd be further along in life by now.

😢I'll never be the "pretty girl", the "thin girl", the "rich girl" etc. even though I secretly wish I was.

😢I feel invisible, uninspired and disconnected so I hide in the familiar - a job that doesn't inspire, a relationship that's not working, clothing that's not flattering.

😢I want a beautiful home but I don't know how to make that happen and I’m stuck with random furniture that makes me feel depressed.

😢I'm afraid to go for what I really want in life because I don't deserve it and I'm scared I'll fail.

😢I hate getting dressed because I’m overweight and none of my clothes fit

😢I embarrassed to admit it but I feel like I don't look the part to get what I want.


Trust me, I know exactly where you're coming from...

Joining It Girl Society was one of the best decisions I made in 2019!

Within just three months of Baiyina’s guidance and support, I’ve leveled up two rooms in my home which has created a more sophisticated look and feel and even inspired to create a beautiful backdrop for my videos.  Baiyina has also provided feedback and direction to help me promote a program for my business and I’m redefining my personal style with the help of her modules and videos.  

It Girl Society is a no-brainer if you are ready to become the woman of your dreams.

Keasha Lee Ince, San Diego, CA

Meet, dare I say, "It Girl" Baiyina, 

Hi, I’m Baiyina(pronounced Bye-ee-na) an Interior Designer and Style Coach and last year I reached my breaking point.  Stuck, unmotivated, overweight and nearing 40, I knew it was TIME TO LEVEL UP.

But, hey Baiyina, what does "level up" actually mean?  For me it meant taking a serious look at everything I had accepted about myself - my accomplishments, who I was, what I was capable of, my identity, the labels and my weight and I decided that I COULD CHANGE MY STORY.

Through strategic steps I not only lost the weight, I transformed the ⚠️inner beliefs ⚠️and it changed my entire life.

Join us & lock in your rate of $197/mo

"It Girl Society has changed the way I view myself, my passions, & my body.  It has truly been empowering to not only have Baiyina as a mentor, but to be encouraged every step of the way with a sisterhood of ladies who share the same goals.  No regrets whatsoever."

April French, Jacksonville, FL



Enter It Girl Society

A monthly membership where I will personally coach you to reinvent yourself & your life and step into the woman you've always wanted to be.

Every time I visualized my best life, a very specific woman came to mind.


My inner It Girl.  And she'll look different to each of us.

Your It Girl is the woman you see when you think of your best life.  How does she dress, what's her vibe, who is she in the face of a challenge?  Every design project needs a point of inspiration and your It Girl is the inspo for your life.

This is not a course, it's a membership!

And as a member I will personally coach you in the following key areas:   


It Girl Mindset

Discover your inner It Girl and use her as a guide to develop a vibe and a vision for your life.  Transform limiting beliefs, change your story and develop into the woman you want and need to be for the next level of your life. 

  • Create a vision for your life
  • Develop your It Girl
  • Challenge Limiting Beliefs
  • and so much more...
Your It Girl is the woman you've always admired and what you admire is who you are. 

It Girl Personal Style

Develop an image and personal style to attract who and what you want in life.  Learn how to dress for your body type, create a vibe and develop daily habits to consistently look your best every single day.  

  • Personal Style Challenges
  • Capsule Wardrobes
  • Personal Style Analysis & Coaching
  • and so much more...
If you want to be the boss - dress like the boss.  If you want to be more feminine and adored - dress more feminine.  This really works!!

It Girl Interiors

Your home is a direct reflection of your emotional life.  Learn decorating skills and receive one-on-one design coaching for any room in your home, so that you can curate a home that is functional, beautiful, stylish and uniquely your own.

  • Decorating training videos
  • Access to my design resources
  • 1:1 Design coaching with Baiyina
  • and so much more...
Get support and inspiration to seriously up level your decorating skills, all with Baiyina's guidance every step of the way.

It Girl Entrepreneur

Love what you do and create more freedom in your life.  Membership includes training & coaching on business planning, marketing and entrepreneurship.  It Girl Society is the only place to get business mentorship and coaching with Baiyina.  

  • Business coaching & mentorship with Baiyina
  • How to market yourself like an It Girl
  • Interior Design Business mentorship 
  • and so much more...
It Girl Society is the only place to get business mentorship and coaching with Baiyina.  

“I honestly don’t know a better mentor than Baiyina. In just a short amount of time design opportunities are coming my way and I know without a doubt it’s because of It Girl Society.”

Genevieve Milot, Montreal Canada

Here's what's included when you lock-in your membership! 

As a member, you get access to the following resources on a monthly basis.  No contract, cancel anytime.  When you lock-in your rate it will never change.

1:1 Coaching

Video Coaching with Baiyina

Membership includes two 30 min 1:1 video coaching calls with Baiyina.  Use for any of the four modules, including straight up Interior design help.

($297 value)

Video Course Portal

New Videos Released Monthly

Get instant access to the It Girl Society membership portal with never before seen video content, resources, worksheets and more, to support you in your journey.  

($997 value)

Our Community

Facebook & Slack Channels

Connect with our community in our private Facebook group and community Slack channels.  Each member brings different skills and insights to the group and is here to support you every step of the way.


Weekly Group Call

Video Accountability Calls

Weekly group video calls keep you focused and motivated.  Learn & collaborate with fellow It Girls in an intimate and supportive setting.


Daily Help Desk

Instant Messaging with Baiyina

Reaching for those fries?  Should I buy this lamp?  Does this email look ok? Message me during office hours M-F 10-4 and get the support you need.


Monthly Masterclass

Intensives & Demonstrations

Each month we will feature a masterclass or live demonstration in one of the following modules:  mindset, personal style, interior decorating & entrepreneurship.


Join now & get FREE access to my signature course, It Girl Mastery!

Join It Girl Society and get instant access to our signature course, It Girl Mastery, which includes 25 videos and demonstrations to level up your life & style.  FREE to you when you become a member of It Girl Society!

(was $497)  FREE access when you join!
Join It Girl Society Now for $197/mo!

Total value = $2,779

Get all this + daily access to me as your coach for a fraction of the price.

Join It Girl Society today for only $197/ month

Let's break this down shall we?

  • Private 1:1 coaching with Baiyina ($297) 
  • Free Access to the It Girl Mastery course ($497)
  • Never before seen videos in the It Girl Society Membership Portal ($997)
  • Weekly group accountability calls ($97)
  • It Girl Help Desk- daily access to Baiyina ($497)
  • Invitation to join the private Facebook group & Slack Channels ($197)
  • Monthly Masterclass/ Demonstration ($197)
  • No contract/ cancel anytime with no fee
  • Membership price locked in and will never increase

That's nearly $3k value!  Get everything and direct access to me for ONLY $197/ month.  
Get started for only $197/mo

Does Pricing Change?

Yes.  Pricing will increase as more content is released.  You are highly encouraged to enroll now and lock in the lowest pricing possible.

What my journey looked like...

❤️I lost 45 lbs and gained tons of confidence!

❤️I developed a signature look that reflects my inner It Girl and makes getting dressed fun!

❤️I feel better, act better and people treat me better!

❤️I receive expensive gifts, nice dinners and am pursued by higher quality men!

❤️I powerfully invested in myself & started a new business!

❤️I'm no longer intimidated by high-end places and It Girl events!

❤️I no longer feel the need to prove my worth or perform with others!


Baiyina's style and business mentorship is already creating results.

I was under the gun with my technology copywriting business and I knew something needed to change, but was clueless where to start.  Baiyina gave me a step-by-step plan to sharpen my marketing, along with insight on how to dress as my It Girl within my natural style and body type.  I'm now on the right path to getting healthier and know exactly how to show up as my It Girl and attract my dream clientele.

I highly recommend Baiyina.

Rita Mailheu, Brandon, FL

Frequently Asked Questions

No. This is a monthly membership, meaning members pay a set price monthly but you are free to cancel anytime. 

No contract/ cancel anytime.  

If you decide you need to cancel your membership, which you can do at anytime, your membership will end on the day that you cancel, which includes access to the facebook group, slack and membership portal.  No prorations will be made.

If you want to keep access just be sure to cancel right before your next payment goes through.  Just shoot us an email letting us know that you’d like to cancel your membership. 

Your first payment will be charged the day you sign up. From there, you will be billed every month on the same day you enrolled. 

You can get a ton out of the membership with 1-2 hours a week.  We have a robust portal of videos, weekly group calls (typically 1 hour), access to me via messenger for quick questions and access to me for 2 30 min coaching calls a month.  You can totally rock it with a full-time job and a family and still get a ton of value. 

Yes.  It Girl Society includes coaching and course content for entrepreneurship and interior design business mentorship.  Much of the training is aimed at women who want to reinvent their career, start an online business at the beginning of their journey.

We focus on inner transformation then create an exterior to match - body, personal style & interior design.  Several members work with outside coaches on a deeper level, ie. business coach, nutritional coach.  There is no conflict and if anything, it compliments the work.

Weight loss is one aspect of the level up but certainly not required.  It Girl Society includes course work and coaching on mindset, personal style, interior design and entrepreneurship.  We encourage you to focus your number one pain point  and transform it within the support of the community.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at info@baiyina.com

Yes.  It Girl Society includes a private Facebook group.  We also use Slack for instant messaging with Baiyina during office hours along with additional group discussion forums inside slack as well. You do not have to have Facebook to join Society.

It Girl Society is NOT right for you if:

❌You're not willing to get vulnerable enough to accept the help you need to step into the next level of your life

❌You think leveling up is silly or superficial

❌Weight loss is offensive or sexist to you

❌You need guidance with specific nutrition & health issues that require a medical professional

❌You're unwilling to receive feedback or take action

❌You're unwilling to see how your actions affects other people/ situations

❌You need immediate sources of income for a business that isn't working

❌You believe ideas of femininity is old-fashioned or oppressive

❌You're not interested in interior design or personal style


It Girl Society IS right for you if:

😍You want to up level your life

😍You feel like you're in a style rut

😍You want to feel more confident

😍You want to let go of ideas that no longer represent you

😍You're ready to get vulnerable about what you really want

😍You're willing to step outside of your comfort zone

😍You want to improve your personal style

😍You want to improve your interior design skills

😍You want private coaching with Baiyina

😍You want to be part of a community with weekly activities

😍You're interested in starting an online business or receiving interior design career mentorship with Baiyina

😍Your ready to get visible, even if it's hard 

Are you ready to make this your best year yet?

If I would have known that simple changes (often the hardest to make) could pay off for me in huge ways, I would have leveled up 15 years ago.

Don't let one more day go by not stepping into the woman you've always wanted to be.  It's so worth it.


I'm ready to become an It Girl for $197/mo!