Are you ready to embrace your inner It Girl?

I chose to recreate myself into a very specific woman.  Let me show you exactly how I did it and how you can too. 
OMG yes, I'm so ready!

Any of these sound familiar?


My last relationship is over and I don’t know who I am anymore

I give so much to my job and family that I have nothing left for myself & I'm exhausted and unfulfilled

I want a beautiful home but I’m stuck with a mishmash of furniture that looks random and makes me feel depressed

I hate getting dressed because I’m overweight and none of my clothes fit

I’m embarrassed to say that I feel like I’ve let myself go


If so, I totally got you Girl.  ❤️

Can I be 100% real with you?

Despite achieving many impressive things, like being featured on television and in magazines for my design work, I secretly felt invisible, unworthy and not good enough.  And it showed.  🤦🏽‍♀️


I'm ready to get started


Here's what that looked like:


I was overweight 😢deep down always feeling a sense of sadness about it

I was too independent 😢- wishing people would say “don’t worry, I got you” but instead hearing “you’ll be fine, you can figure it out, I don’t know what to tell you”

I was overworked 😢- providing a ton of value but too scared to charge enough

I led with accomplishments 😢- trying to prove my worth to others

I was a performer 😢- making others laugh to hide my discomfort with vulnerability

I was obsessed with perfection 😢- investing weeks of work into an idea and then completely abandoning it

I was afraid to fail 😢- never fully committing to one idea and quitting when I got scared

I ignored my image & personal style 😢 - refusing to weigh myself and wearing clothes just because they fit



The result?

I was smart, funny, capable and with some awesome successes on the outside, but inside I felt like what I wanted was always just out of reach.



Until I reached my breaking point...

What last year looked like for me...

Hi, I’m Baiyina(pronounced Bye-ee-na) an Interior Designer and Style Coach and last year I reached my breaking point.  Stuck, unmotivated, overweight and nearing 40, I knew it was TIME TO LEVEL UP.

But, hey Baiyina, what does "level up" actually mean?  For me it meant taking a serious look at everything I had accepted about myself - my accomplishments, who I was, what I was capable of, my identity, the labels and my weight and I decided that I COULD CHANGE MY STORY.

Through strategic steps I not only lost the weight, I transformed the ⚠️inner beliefs ⚠️that kept me fat and playing small for the past 10 years…

So is this a weight loss program?

NO, it's WAY more than that. This is your virtual permission slip to take a journey with me and make a conscious decision to claim and embody the inner It Girl you've always wanted to be.


So what is an It Girl exactly?

An It Girl is the girl everyone wants to be.  She’s not perfect, but she’s lives in integrity and from a place of authentic power not woundedness.  

And she’s inside of you…

She’s the woman you admire and the one who seems to have it all together -  yet she’s relatable and know, that girl you’ve always wanted to be.


My AH-HA moment?

When you face your fears & are ready to reframe the deeper core beliefs that are holding you back, true transformation can begin.


Close your eyes for a second and imagine how good it would feel to:  

👉🏽Easily slip into your favorite pair of jeans - a few sizes smaller

👉🏽Open your front door and you step into a beautiful entryway and catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror

👉🏽Own the room at a networking event because you feel so good in your body and love what you’re wearing

👉🏽Constantly hear, “you’re glowing, you look happy, what’s your secret?”

Sounds good right?

But let's get real. There's only ONE thing standing between you and what you truly want...


⚠️The mastery of your own self-discipline ⚠️ 

Because let’s be honest, can you truly live your best life when you feel invisible, stuck, ashamed and unmotivated?

And you certainly can't get there if you don't know where you're going.  

In a world where most things are ultimately out of your control...

Do you dare to become the woman you've always wanted to be?


Enter It Girl Mastery

A self-paced course designed to take you from stuck to stylish. I chose to recreate myself into a very specific woman, will you join me?

It Girl Mastery is a strategic roadmap.

This isn’t just an in-your-head journaling thing where as soon as you lose steam you go back to your old ways - this is a strategic roadmap, filled with both transformative ah-ha moment exercises along with Baiyina’s step-by-step practical no-nonsense life, design & style guidance.



There are 4 pivotal stages inside It Girl Mastery.

It Girl Beliefs

During this stage, you're going to experience some serious self-discovery so you can tap into your authentic self and unlock your full potential.

  • Develop your inner It Girl so you have a vision for the behavior, lifestyle, mindset & vibe you want to exude.
  • Discover & overcome limiting beliefs so you can finally break the patterns that keep you from what you want.
  • Reframe your labels & changing your story so an entire new world of possibilities open up for you.
  • Turn big, scary goals into a game so you can move through resistance instead of stopping when you feel scared.
  • Step into a body that you love so you feel more confident and worthy to be seen.

It Girl Vision

You’ve cleared those mental blocks, but you’re still shrinking from being fully visible.  Those days will be long gone once you learn how to take consistent action in the new direction you choose.

  • Simplify and clear mental and physical clutter so you are open to positive change and new opportunities.
  • Balance your feminine & masculine traits so you can achieve your goals in a way that doesn't deplete you.

  • Learn how to modify your behavior so that others will want to support you, giving you the best result in any situation.
  • Understand what your clothes say about you so you can project the image that will support what you want in life.
  • Learn what makes French girls cool so you can develop a signature vibe that's unique and compelling.

It Girl Clarity

Once you’ve reached this stage, you’re feeling good and making moves, but you’re not stopping there.  During this stage you’ll start crafting a look and a vibe that gets you what you want.

  • Learn about the 13 body types so you know what looks best on you at any weight.
  • Discover the clothes that work for your body type so you can understand what looks best on you and what to avoid.
  • Create a Capsule Wardrobe so getting dressed is easy and you always have something to wear.
  • Apply personal styling tricks so you always look chic, taking your style to the next level.

  • Discover the best colors for your skin tone so you can highlight your natural features and look your absolute best.

It Girl Self-Mastery

During this stage, you'll not only have mastered yourself, but you'll also have mastered your style.  You'll know who you are, where you are going and now you need your home to match.

  • Learn how to draw a floor plan so you can confidently layout any room to scale.
  • Discover how to create a mood board so you can visually see how furniture looks together before you purchase.

  • Learn how to select the right window treatments so you invest in the right solution for your room that's classy and elegant at any budget.

  • Style your bed like a pro so you can create a look and a vibe that makes you feel like a queen. 

  • Create an inspiring entryway so every time you enter your home your vision is affirmed and you set the tone for the space.

Let's walk through exactly what's inside of It Girl Mastery


Are you ready to change your life?


You're going to want the Bonus Module!


Join now and get the special Bonus Module:  How to Pull a Room Together.

Most people struggle with making the overall room feel cohesive and purposeful.  Learn everything you need to know about decorating with It Girl confidence.


Bonus Module - How to Pull a Room Together

Want to know how to make a room look purposeful without looking like you tried too hard?  Join now and get instant access to master your decorating skills.

  • Learn how to refine your decorating style, so you can mix furniture of different styles.  

  • Learn how to create visual balance, so the room naturally flows and feels just right.

  • Learn how to create compelling color schemes, so you can select paint colors like a pro (suggestions included).  

  • Get my take on the coolest furniture every It Girl should own, so you can develop a style that's uniquely your own.

  • Learn how to shop on Facebook Marketplace, so you know what to look for to create a richer-looking space with more character at an affordable price.

Here's what happens when you join


✔️ You will immediately receive an email with login details for instant access the full course.  From there you can dive into the content and work at your own pace for the life of the program.  

✔️And you'll never be alone because you can ask questions, post progress, and cheer on the other women transforming their lives & style within the course portal. 

✔️Plus, anytime I make improvements, add coursework or host a bonus group call, you will get free access to those as well!  Yaasss!


But wait!  If you need daily accountability & direct access to Baiyina, you NEED It Girl Society.

If you need a learning environment where you have daily accountability and direct access to Baiyina, I'm opening up a limited number of spots into our private mastermind It Girl Society.

There is no other way to get this sort of 1:1 attention from me for you.

Here's what's included:

  • Instant Access to It Girl Society Membership Portal including videos, resources, business tools ($997)
  • Private 1:1 video coaching with Baiyina ($297)
  • Access to our private Facebook group ($497)
  • Weekly group accountability calls ($297)
  • It Girl Help Desk- ability to message me questions daily ($497)
  • Access to our group slack channels (group chats on weight loss, style, interior design, entrepreneurship) ($197)
  • Entrepreneurship/ Design Mentoring with Baiyina ($997)
  • No contract/ cancel anytime with no fee
  • Membership price locked in and will never increase

That's nearly $4k value! ($3876) to be exact).

So how much does the It Girl Mastery course cost?




💝4 video course modules with lifetime access

💝PDF's, worksheets, journaling prompts to keep you on track

💝Design resources & furniture suggestions

💝Access to my Online Shopping Guide

💝Live Kick-Off event

💝A system of self-transformation

💝Holiday survival guide

💝All Videos are downloadable and yours to keep forever

💝Bonus Video Training Course:  How to pull a room together & make it look purposeful.

💝Ability to comment/ connect within the portal or use of the free Facebook group.



Lowest rate it will ever be




💕Instant Access to It Girl Society Membership Portal including videos, resources, business tools

💕2 30-minute 1:1 coaching calls with Baiyina/ month

💕Access to my Online Shopping Guide

💕Access to Baiyina for entrepreneurial mentorship

💕Access to private Facebook group

💕Weekly Group Accountability Calls

💕Daily Office Hours - ask me questions & get answers 

💕Access to Group Slack Channels (chats on personal style, weight, interior design etc.)

💕 No contract/ cancel anytime with no fee

💕Membership price locked in and will never increase



Lock in your rate

Join It Girl Mastery today for only $297

Let's break this down shall we?

  • 25 interactive video lessons

  • Downloadable slides & worksheets

  • Journaling prompts

  • Beautiful & easy to use course portal
  • Comment/ community feature
  • A complete system of self-transformation

  • Access to my Designer Shopping Guide 

  • Bonus Decorating Module:  How to Pull a Room Together

  • Access to any future updates & new course content

  • All Videos are downloadable and yours to keep forever

Join now and get instant access. 

Only $297


"I love what you've done with It Girl Mastery - the videos are amazing and inspiring!"

Kate Gagnon, New Brunswick Canada

What my life looks like after leveling up and what to expect if you do the work.

❤️I got out of a 2 year rut!

❤️I lost 45 lbs and gained tons of confidence!

❤️I developed a signature look that reflects my inner It Girl and makes getting dressed fun!

❤️I feel better, act better and people treat me better!

❤️I always have something to wear and finally know what NOT to buy!

❤️My social life has improved and I"m having more fun!

❤️I receive expensive gifts, nice dinners and am pursued by higher quality men!

❤️I finally feel like the woman I've always admired! 

❤️I'm no longer intimidated by high-end places and It Girl events!

❤️I no longer feel the need to prove my worth or perform with others!

What the It Girls are Saying!

Real-life results happen when you take action!

This is NOT for you if:

❌You don't want to get vulnerable

❌You think leveling up is silly or superficial

❌Weight loss is offensive or sexist to you

❌You are hoping to get specific nutrition & health information that requires a medical professional

❌You're unwilling to take action

❌You have no free time to devote to personal growth

❌You're unwilling to see how your own thoughts and actions can contribute to situations that don't serve you

❌You don't want to work at your own pace.  You need to be told what to do and when in person.

❌You believe ideas of femininity is old-fashioned or oppressive

❌You want to fight society instead of take responsibility for your life

This IS for you if:

✅You are finally ready to stop feeling stuck and take action towards a new future

✅Six months from now you want to be ordering a newer and smaller bathing suit

✅You want to feel more confident

✅You want to let go of ideas that no longer represent you

✅You're ready to get vulnerable about what you really want

✅You're willing to step outside of your comfort zone

✅You want to improve your personal style

✅You want to improve your interior design skills

✅You're willing to move furniture, get rid of clothes and get outside of your comfort zone

✅Your ready to get visible, even if it's hard 

Are You Ready to Be Part of a Movement?

We Promise You'll Love it!

We are your biggest cheerleader and we want you to be successful.  If however our methods don’t work for you we want you to know that you’re covered.  If you feel that you didn’t get the results after you do the work, you qualify to request a refund.

Simply get in touch with us within 90 days and submit the process work that demonstrates that you applied the methods and practices in each of the five modules.

If you simply don’t want the course anymore due to time or money constraints, unfortunately we do not offer refunds in those situations.  Please review the course details in full and feel free to reach out directly prior to purchase at

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  To purchase the course you can either make a one-time payment of $297 or 3 easy payments of $99.  Either option will get you instant lifetime access to the full course and the ability to download all videos and worksheets to keep forever.

Membership: No. This is a monthly membership, meaning members pay a set price monthly but you are free to cancel anytime. 

We are your biggest cheerleader and we want you to be successful.  If however our methods don’t work for you we want you to know that you’re covered.  If you feel that you didn’t get the results after you do the work, you qualify to request a refund.

Simply get in touch with us within 90 days and submit the process work that demonstrates that you applied the methods and practices in each of the five modules.

If you simply don’t want the course anymore due to time or money constraints, unfortunately we do not offer refunds in those situations.  Please review the course details in full and feel free to reach out directly prior to purchase at

Membership:  No contract/ cancel anytime.  

If you decide you need to cancel your membership, which you can do at anytime, your membership will end on the day that you cancel, which includes access to the facebook group, slack and membership portal.  No prorations will be made.

If you want to keep access just be sure to cancel right before your next payment goes through.  Just shoot us an email letting us know that you’d like to cancel your membership. 


Our course is designed to help you pinpoint your number one pain point - and transform it.  If weight loss is not a concern or a need for you, no problem!  Leveling up is about removing all the barriers that are in the way of what you truly want in life.  Everyone's journey will look a bit different and that's ok! 

If you buy this course and do nothing, nothing will change.

The course is designed to help you break through the limiting beliefs and old stories that drive the behavior that is creating certain results in your life. We will give you specific tools to challenge this along with detailed lessons on personal style, interior design and lifestyle that when applied create tangible results you can see.  At the end of the day you have to be ready to change and only you know if you're ready.  If you are, we believe that this course will help you like it has helped me.

The It Girl Mastery course is completely self-paced and yours to keep for life.  However, much of it's success is dependent on putting in some time and effort to watch the videos and apply the work in your daily life.

In general, we recommend at least 2-3 hours a week, along with incorporating new daily habits - which could range from simply doing hair and makeup to weekend projects like clearing out your closet.  We believe that small steps every day done consistently and slowly over time will achieve lifelong lasting results.

Downtime, reflection and self-care are also part of the work. 

Membership:  You can get a ton out of the membership with 1-2 hours a week.  We have a robust portal of videos, weekly group calls (typically 1 hour), access to me via messenger for quick questions and access to me for 2 30 min coaching calls a month.  You can totally rock it with a full-time job and a family and still get a ton of value. 

There is no dedicated Facebook group for the It Girl Mastery course, however you may use the free It Girl Challenge Facebook group to post observations, questions and thoughts using #itgirlmastery tag if you want deeper support.

In order to be approved into the free Facebook group you must have a profile pic of your face (not an icon) on your Facebook profile.

Membership:  Yes.  It Girl Society includes a private Facebook group.  We also use Slack for instant messaging with Baiyina during office hours along with additional group discussion forums inside slack as well. You do not have to have Facebook to join Society.

The course does not include business coaching.  Rather the course will help you remove all the barriers that may be stopping you from even starting your business - self doubt, fear of failure, lack of clarity, not knowing what you want, inability to start, feeling like you don't look the part etc.

Membership:  If you specifically want business mentorship/ coaching with Baiyina, choose It Girl Society monthly membership.

Our course is a strategic roadmap designed to release all the barriers holding you back from what you want in life.  We focus on transforming the internal, then we create an exterior to match - body, personal style & interior environment.  If you choose to work with outside coach such as a business or nutritional coach, there is no conflict and if anything, compliments the work.

Are you ready to make this your best year yet?

If I would have known that the simple changes (that are often the hardest to make) could give me so much more out of life and others, I would have leveled up 15 years ago.

Don't let one more day go by not stepping into the woman you've always wanted to be.  It's so worth it.


I am so ready to an It Girl!